Order Fulfillment

Picking, Packing and Shipping

Simplifying order fulfillment…
so you can manage and grow your business

Flexible fulfillment solutions that fit your business.

eCommerce Fulfillment

Need help growing your eCommerce business? Have you outgrown your current warehouse provider? Perhaps you require a North American fulfillment option? KSP Fulfillment leads the way! Same day shipping with 1-2-day order delivery in the U.S.

Subscription Box Fulfillment

Ship subscription box orders to your subscribers. We’ll integrate with your selling channel, receive product to our warehouse, place into inventory, and ship your customer orders. Perfectly.


Large Rollout Fulfillment

Do you need to get your product to a large customer base? Need support to get it accomplished? We manage a variety of retail store openings, store refreshes, and new store launches. 

B2B Fulfillment

From your business to your retailers, KSP takes care in making sure that we represent your brand! Large bulk orders to retailers via EDI or B2B eCommerce small parcel orders direct to store…KSP does it all! 

Simplify your order fulfillment.

Our intuitive interface makes setup quick and easy.

Order Picking & Packing

Flexibility to meet your needs

Same day order fulfillment made easy! It’s our business to deliver to your customers with quality, accuracy, and speed. In order to do so our warehouse uses high-tech radio frequency (RF) devices capable of reading 1D/2D barcodes, NFC, QR Code, and RFID. If it’s a barcode, we can read it! This capability increases speed and accuracy throughout the entire process from beginning to end and our employees keep a keen eye on quality.

FBM Fulfillment

Amazon offers their sellers use of their site as a sales channel but does not require the products to ship through their fulfillment centers. Insert KSP Fulfillment. We integrate directly with Amazon to seamlessly flow your orders from their application in to KSP. We ship same day mirroring the Amazon experience for your customer, and offer you a clear and consistent cost structure.

Order Accuracy

Stringent auditing practices to ensure accuracy. 

KSP takes pride in delivering perfect orders to our customers and yours. We don’t settle for second best and have incorporated a meticulous order inspection process using RF devices, quality auditing procedures, and Statistical Process Controls (SPC). Our attention to detail ensures 100% order accuracy.

Order Tracking

Easily track your orders through your computer or mobile device.

Customers need to know where their orders are in the process and our systems allow for it in real-time. KSP tracks every order shipped from our warehouse. Whether that order is shipped LTL/TL, USPS, DHL, FedEx, UPS, or courier, we provide tracking numbers so you can follow your orders throughout our entire process. Our customers always know where orders are in throughout the entire process.

Returns Management

  • Customer specific returns procedures
  • Automated workflow
  • Barcoded identification and tagging
  • Product inspection for resale
  • Quality assurance
  • Re-packaging
  • Donation management
  • Certified destruction management
  • Cost-effective reverse logistics

Inventory Management

KSP’s cloud-based, modern warehouse management system (WMS) and order management system (OMS), provides easy access to your inventory. You can place orders, view inventory, pull reports, use our warehouse chat feature for communications, and a variety of other functions. KSP manages inventory for you but allows for 100%, real-time, system access to our customers. KSP monitors inventory levels for our customers and helps them forecast future demand, so they have the necessary inventory on-hand when they need it.

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KSP provides warehousing and order fulfillment to eCommerce sellers, and B2B / B2C businesses. We offer a modern warehouse, cloud-based software and technology that connects with hundreds of seller sites. Learn more.