Modern, Secure, Optimized

We’re warehousing specialists and we’ve built our facility to be optimized in every way.

Yes, there is a science to warehouse design and we’ve crafted this facility for speed, flexibility, and accuracy.

Secure and modern warehousing.

Our intuitive interface makes it easy for businesses to setup.

Modern Design & Technology

Our new large warehouse & modern technology platform allows you:

  • Faster receiving times: Received and ready for order fulfillment under 24-hours
  • Easy access to inventory and orders online: Cloud-based, modern inventory/order management system
  • Multiple Storage Options: Small bin, pallet, high-secure, oversized, and bulk storage
  • Multiple Docks Doors: 34 dock doors including rail service capability on the BNSF line with 4 oversized rail doors


  • Triple redundant professional monitoring
  • CCTV with 90-day DVR
  • Motion detectors
  • Perimeter lighting
  • Employee background screening
  • Floor to ceiling high-value cage with dual access control
  • Badged electronic door access
  • Kitting & Assembly area 100% CCTV monitored
  • Fulfillment order processing area 100% CCTV monitored
  • Dock doors and entry/exit points 100% CCTV monitored



  • Certified Secure Facility
  • FDA Registered: Food for Human Consumption
  • FDA Registered: Food for Animal Consumption
  • ISO 9001:2015 Compliant
  • Verified-Veteran Owned Business

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KSP provides warehousing and order fulfillment to eCommerce sellers, and B2B / B2C businesses. We offer a modern warehouse, cloud-based software and technology that connects with hundreds of seller sites. Learn more.