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Picking, Packing, and Shipping

We simplify warehousing, so you can focus on your business!

Order Fulfillment

eCommerce, B2B, subscription box, and large rollouts - no matter your business requirements, we ensure orders are fulfilled accurately and on time.

eCommerce Fulfillment

Have you outgrown your fulfillment solution or does the current provider not meet your expectations? KSP delivers an advanced warehouse management system, a modern facility, and a team dedicated to support your business and provide continuous improvement.

We’ll integrate with your selling channel, warehouse your inventory, and ship your customer orders on time. Same-day shipping with 1-3 day order delivery in the U.S.

B2B Fulfillment

From your business to your retailers, KSP represents your brand! Large bulk orders to retailers via EDI, direct to store or drop ship - KSP does it all!

Subscription Box Fulfillment

Ship subscription box orders to your customers. KSP Fulfillment leads the way!

Large Rollout Fulfillment

Do you need to distribute your product in mass? Need support to get it accomplished? We partner with you to manage retail store openings, store refreshes, and new store launches.

Order Services

Order Picking
Order Accuracy
Softeon Order Tracking
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Order Services

Order Picking

Order Picking & Packing

Order fulfillment made easy! It’s our business to deliver to your customers with quality, accuracy, and speed. Our warehouse uses high-tech radio frequency (RF) devices capable of reading 1D/2D barcodes, NFC, QR Code, and RFID. If it’s a barcode, we can read it! This capability increases speed and accuracy throughout the entire process from start to finish. We keep a keen eye on quality.

Order Accuracy

KSP takes pride in delivering perfect orders to our customers and yours. We don’t settle for second best and have incorporated a meticulous order inspection process using RF devices, quality auditing procedures, and Statistical Process Controls (SPC). Our attention to detail ensures 100% order accuracy.

Order Tracking

Our customers need to know where their orders are in the process. The KSP portal provides real-time customer access to order status from order entry through shipping. KSP tracks every order shipped from our warehouse so our customers always know where orders are throughout the entire process.

Inventory Management

KSP’s cloud-based, best-in-class warehouse management system (WMS) provides easy access to your inventory. You can place orders, view inventory & order status and pull reports…..all available at your fingertips. Offering 100%, real-time, system access to our customers.

Accurate & Fast Warehousing and Fulfillment

KSP values quality first, then speed and applies that discipline to every single area of the business.

Our Warehouse

We’re warehousing specialists and we’ve built our facility to be optimized in every way.

  • 32’ Ceiling Height

  • 29 Dock Doors

  • Full CCTV

  • Secure Facility

  • Electronic Entry Access

  • ESFR Fire Suppression

  • FDA Registered

  • ISO Compliant

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