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Packaging Services


Packaging Services



Selecting the ideal partner for kitting projects is crucial for ensuring exceptional quality and maximizing efficiency. A significant segment of our warehouse is fully customizable, dedicated to accommodating the distinct requirements of your kitting, light assembly, and display projects. This ensures we can deliver tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations in terms of precision and timeliness.


Display Assembly & Copacking

Do you have a project or product that requires careful attention and expert handling? At KSP, we specialize in taking component pieces provided by our clients and assembling, constructing, or co-packing them for distribution to your retailers. Our approach at KSP includes rigorous adherence to quality processes throughout every stage, guaranteeing the utmost precision and craftsmanship in all our services.

FBA Prep

Meeting special packaging and labeling criteria is essential for effectively shipping products to Amazon fulfillment centers. Just as with any project or distribution task, our process at KSP is built upon a solid foundation of prioritizing quality and efficiency. We ensure every aspect of your shipment meets stringent standards, guaranteeing smooth and reliable delivery to Amazon's facilities.

Accurate & Fast Warehousing and Fulfillment

At KSP, we prioritize quality above all else, followed closely by efficiency, and we instill this commitment across every facet of our operations. This disciplined approach ensures excellence is consistently delivered throughout our entire business ecosystem.

Our Warehouse

We’re warehousing specialists and we’ve built our facility to be optimized in every way.

  • 32’ Ceiling Height

  • 29 Dock Doors

  • Full CCTV

  • Secure Facility

  • Electronic Entry Access

  • ESFR Fire Suppression

  • FDA Registered

  • ISO Compliant

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