In a recent KSP leadership meeting, we were tasked with putting to words our value proposition. What is it that sets us a part? What is it that our customers value in our people, our solutions, our service? The answers were not new to this group but perhaps more of a surprise on why the question was being asked. There was, of course, a purpose.  

Several statements were given -  

“The value is in our quality service”  

“The value is in how we understand our customer’s business”  

“The value is in our continuous improvement mindset”  

“The value is in......” 

Just as we started on a roll, we were cut off.  

“Everyone says that. Every 3PL will list each one of those as their value proposition. How do we know that these items are truly what make us great?” 

This comment stopped us in our tracks. He was right. The problem is this doesn’t relate only to 3PLs. These statements apply to every single service business out there. How is a company supposed to make a decision on the right partner when we’re all saying we're the best at everything? 

Our answer: Actions Speak Louder than Words.  

To say we’ve grown quickly over the last 4 years is an understatement. We’ve grown so quickly we’ve had to invest in new, more mature technology. Technology that controls the structure of each product in our building. Does your product require serial capture, lot codes, or expiration dates? The system will handle it all with ease.   

Technology that allows for API integrations and instantaneous order consumption at high volumes (before this new technology, it would take us an entire day to import 4,000 orders into the system for just one that was a chore). 

Technology that will allow us to further design and develop in favor of continuous improvement & lean initiatives. 

We’ve grown so quickly we’ve invested in a brand new 225k square foot warehouse with 29 dock doors, 32’ ceiling, full CCTV, electronic entry access, very narrow aisle (VNA) & 23,000 pallet locations (soon to be 25,500). Want to come see it? We’re happy to give you a tour! 

We’ve grown so quickly, the KSP team is now 10 times greater than what it was in 2020. We work hard and have fun in the process; so important knowing we spend so much time together Monday - Friday.  

We’ve grown so quickly, we’re looking at robotic solutions to push us to improve capacity while being steadfast in our commitment to quality. Just ONE of the many cool things happening in our CI Lab! 

Actions Speak Louder than Words.  

We have been fortunate to experience significant growth within our current customer base – partnerships are expanding across multiple customer teams. Our customers want to do more with us, they trust in our process and in our experience. 

Actions Speak Louder than Words. 

In any business conversation, we’re going to continue to talk about everything that makes us KSP. But we’re also going to show you. We’ll show you in every aspect of what we do because, in the end, Actions ALWAYS Speak Louder than Words.  

Looking for more in your 3PL, let’s “talk”.