RESTON, Va.–(March 04, 2021)KSP Fulfillment (KSP), a rapidly growing third-party logistics (3PL) company offering order fulfillment and value-added services to B2B and B2C customers, is investing in state-of-the-art technologies with a Cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) from Softeon.

KSP, founded in 2012 and headquartered near Minneapolis, Minn., has realized rapid growth across its broad mix of 3PL services, with revenues jumping 296% in 2020. This growth has driven the need for additional space, with KSP set to complete construction on a new 182,000 square foot facility in November 2021.

“KSP’s growth was putting pressure on its existing fulfillment systems,” said Dennis Nicholson, Vice President of Business Development at Softeon. “The company determined it needed a new WMS with the ability to scale, more advanced features, and a better platform for continuous improvement. KSP selected Softeon as its WMS provider to help power execution of their aggressive strategy, making their decision to move to Softeon in less than two months,” added Nicholson.

“It was obvious in the early stages of our WMS vetting process that Softeon was going to be the right fit for our short and long-term business goals,” said KSP’s Chief Executive Officer, Rob Walters. “It was incredibly important that we chose the right strategic partners to ultimately support our customers’ needs. Softeon offers a unique combination of rich WMS functionality, robust support for 3PL’s, and a collaborative partnership that matches well with our culture,” Walters said.

To further its capabilities, KSP plans to add carton sortation capabilities to its fulfillment center this year and autonomous mobile robots mid-2022. KSP also plans to expand its market coverage with new facilities on the East and West coasts within the next one to two years.

About KSP Fulfillment

KSP Fulfillment is a third-party logistics company (3PL), providing eCommerce/B2C, B2B order fulfillment, and modern warehousing solutions to quickly, securely, and accurately fulfill customer orders. The company services multiple industries, including but not limited to medical, health & beauty, education, agriculture & pet care. KSP is a Verified Veteran Owned Business.

About Softeon:

Softeon is a global provider of supply chain solutions from planning through execution, anchored by our Warehouse Management System (WMS), Warehouse Execution and Distributed Order Management (DOM) solutions. Alone in the market, we deliver supply chain success to our customer every time. Our advanced services-based platform is engineered to reduce complex problems into simple solutions for a faster time to market and lower cost of ownership. Users can implement solutions incrementally to solve a specific challenge or deploy an integrated system. Configurable modules and rules-based solutions give market leaders the business agility they need to get ahead and stay ahead. Companies choose the flexibility and ease-of-use of the Softeon platform to drive higher business value and accelerate ROI. Deployment options include Cloud or on-premise options with a single product – delivered with a 100% track record of system success. For more information, please visit